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My Jivamukti Satsang

Updated: May 26, 2022

Sat-sangatve nissangatvam nissangatve nirmohatvam Nirmohatve nishchala-tattvam nishchala-tattve jivanmuktih Bhaja govindam bhaja govindam bhaja govindam mudha-mate
Good and virtuous company gives rise to non-attachment. From non-attachment comes freedom from delusion. With freedom from delusion, one feels the changeless reality. Experiencing that changeless reality, one attains liberation in this life. I-AM is the ocean of awareness. Realizing this, one feels, ‘I am not the body and mind, although I have a body and mind.’ Realize Govinda, realize Govinda in your heart, O wise one!
– Shri Adi Shankaracharya from Carpata-Panjarik

Sharon Gannon, affectionately known as Padma (translates to flower), is forthcoming about what her intentions were in founding a yoga method, which was to create another platform for vegan activism. I was blessed to be trained by Padma during my teacher training, she is passionate about people understanding karma, chakras and other ancient laws and wisdom. She inspires me everyday.

The below details were updated as of May, 2022:

David Life David created alongside the Jivamukti Yoga method alongside Sharon. The method focuses on teaching and practicing yoga as a means to enlightenment. David is a certified Advanced practitioner of the Ashtanga Yoga method of Shri K. Pattabhi Jois. His interest in yoga is supported by his artistic, literary and metaphysical studies. At my teacher training, Sharon shared of how David likes to say in regards to the yogic obligation to take accountability for your actions, “Yoga ruined my life”. Although Sharon and David are not active on social media, you can have access to their teachings on Instagram by following @jivamuktinyc and @whatisrealmovie

Jules Fabre is the nephew and student of Sharon and David. I have been fortunate enough to be taught by Jules during his annual visits to Melbourne and Geelong, he has an incredible understanding of yogic teachings and practices. You can access some of his teachings by following his inspired account on Instagram @hiphopasana

Yogeswari has been a student of Sharon and David for many years, I enjoyed her teachings during my teacher training especially her incredible knowledge of the Buddhist tradition. Yogeswari facilitates Jivamukti yoga immersion’s all over the world for students and teachers alike to enhance their knowledge and practice. Yogeswari also has a not for profit called AZAHAR foundation, which promotes cross-cultural non-violent conflict resolution. You can follow Yogeswari on Facebook and Instagram @yogeswari

Moritz Ulrich is a doctor, musician, owner of Yoga Peace Berlin and facilitator of Jivamukti Yoga Teacher trainings. I am learning harmonium via Moritz online harmonium course, which is so enjoyable. Moritz has a broad range of teachings to offer which you can be enlightened with by following him on Instagram @downdogberlin

Closer to home, Adrienne Stevens was the owner of Jivamukti affiliated studio, Yoga Dojo Geelong for around a decade. Thanks to Adrienne, Jivamukti Yoga had a home in Geelong for the firs time. I was introduced to Yoga Dojo by a friend, primarily as stress management, several years ago. I instantly fell in love with the method and the studio, I knew it would become a lifelong practice. I have so much gratitude to Adrienne for making it possible for me to find the Jivamukti method and for four year I had the privilege of teaching it to our Yoga Dojo satsang.

Simone Fitzgerald is a senior Jivamukti teacher and one of the most gentle souls I’ve met. Simone is a quiet achiever, previously owning a hairdressing studio, not to mention being a mother of four! Simone is also a yin yoga teacher and her understanding of lunar cycles is unparalleled.

Jess Bourke, otherwise know as Death Roll Doll, is a counsellor, motorcycle and rollerderbie lover, mother and Jivamukti teacher – all simultaneously, as pictured! Jess and her husband Damien completed their teacher training a few years ago in India.

April used to be a beloved Yoga Dojo teacher before she was called to the big smoke of Jivamukti Sydney. I was fortunate enough to be April’s housemate once upon a time, a memorable testimony to elevated company and vegan households. April was loved for her vegan activism and mindblowing assists.

Doug Whittaker is the owner of the only other Jivamukti studio currently in Australia, Jivamukti Sydney, he mentored me through my teacher training. Doug is a level 10 chiller but obviously a high achiever. Doug’s parting words with us were “above everything you’ve learned, just be kind because without that, the rest is irrelevant”. Our mentor group misses you Doug Ji! You can check out Doug’s classes, workshops and retreats at

Sandy King is a Jivamukti goddess with several years experience. Sandy and her partner Sas live and work in Vegan Capital of Australia, Newtown Sydney. I’m lucky to be visited annually by Sandy and Sas, including some memorable weekend-long kosha workshops. Sandy’s has a website with generous resources including playlists, class recordings, course and livesteaming classes avialable at, you can also follow her on Instagram @sandykingyoga. I highly recommend her Moon Classes on the New and Full Moons.

Sas is a scientist, lover and Jivamukti teacher of about four years. Sas is as quirky as she is humble and though I’ve spent precious little time with her it feels as though I’ve known her a lifetime. You can check when Sas is teaching near you by following @sas_stephens

Mel Rosina, I didn’t mean to fall in love with her but that smile and Sanskrit scholarship had me hooked from day one. Mel is an environmental activist and has a big Italian heart. To find out where Mel is teaching in Sydney follow her on Instagram @meow_like_a_cat and on her recently launched website:

Kane and Bianca are two of the highest vibrational individuals I’ve ever met so it should be no surprise to hear that being in their presence is bliss. This power couple teach in Cambridge in England, you can check out their website at or follow them on Instagram @beautifulsoulhenna and @its_yogi_kane

Isabel Lancaster is the reason I did this post. Another little pommy cracker, her laugh is absolutely infectious. Issie has a gracefulness on the mat that she carries with her off the mat. Issie has a beautiful website which she is about to add resources to about veganism which you check out at

There are seventy other incredible holy beings that I trained with as well as millions more jivamuktas around the world, that I would love to share with you in time.

Find your poeple, love them hard.


Meg x



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